What happens if tracking shows "Return to sender"?

When a package is marked returned to sender it can be for a number of reasons, most common being post office error. If this is the case, your package is now en-route back to our facility and it may take up to twice the length of the original shipping time to make it back to us. Once the package has been received and processed by a member of our team, you will be contacted to confirm your address and discuss our next steps.

We are not responsible if a package is lost or mis-delivered because incorrect/incomplete or old address information is provided on the order form. If the order was returned due to incorrect or incomplete information, or because you've moved, please be advised that you will be responsible for any applicable reshipping costs. In the event that you request a refund for the returned package, please be aware that your refund will not include the original shipping fees or any incurred from it being returned.

If the address is correct and the package was returned in error, please let us know so that we can have the order shipped back out to you (you will not be charged).

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