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How are your items printed?

We utilize three different types of printing here at TeeFury: Screen Printing, Sublimation printing and Direct to Garment (DTG). Our Daily Tees are printed using Screen Printing, which is only available when printing a high volume of one design. Occasionally we DTG daily designs when the sales numbers do not meet the required amount to screen print. 

All other tees are printed through DTG, including replacements. DTG is a modified version of inkjet printing. This state of the art, modern technology allows us to custom print items for each order. For more information on Screen Print vs. DTG, check out our blog post on the subject HERE.

Sublimation printing is something we do for our Allover printed collection. Our vendor prints the material flat and then they cut and sew it into your product. Sublimation offers bright vibrant printing and can cover large areas of material/ Most sublimated items are 100% polyester to allow for the print to be super vibrant and awesome.  

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