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What are Allover prints?


Allover prints are awesome! They are garments that have art printed all over them, literally all over the product, completely covered! That's crazy right? Well our artists make amazing art, so what better way to show it off than printing it all over a product? 

The other good news is that we do things right here at TeeFury. Other places try and print onto an already constructed product. This causes some unsightly issues. We construct the product, literally cutting and sewing it here in California. We print the art onto the material. Next it is cut and lovingly sewn together, to hand craft your product from beginning to end. It's a custom printed and constructed item just for you!

What about the process, the magic? Well this process of printing starts by printing the art onto a special sheet of paper, and then transferring that art onto fabric. The ink is heated until it disintegrates into the corresponding fabric. That makes the ink last longer and will hold up for a very log time. It's kinda magical. It's also vibrant and rich in color. 

So what products do we offer in this style? Tees, crewneck sweatshirts, hoodies (both pull over and zip up) and leggings. We hope to add more products over time.  

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