Shipping insurance

While in transit there are so many unknown variables that could cause your package to go missing. For this reason, we are offering our customers shipping insurance.

Shipping insurance will cover the cost of replacing your order and giving you peace of mind!

To avoid fraud or misuse, each case will be audited before the order is replaced. The order has to have the correct and valid shipping address which is input by the customer. If there is a typo or error in the address, the shipping insurance is nullified.

If your package is missing more than 3 days past delivery date you may request to use your shipping insurance by notifying our customer service team. To file a claim, you must provide your order number as well as a tracking number to Our customer service team will confirm your order and tracking number. If it is determined that your claim meets the criteria for a lost, stolen or damaged item, TeeFury will immediately create a replacement order. If your order contains an item that is no longer available, the customer can request a replacement for an item of equal or less value. Please note that standard processing times apply.

Insurance will only cover damaged packages or packages that do not make it to their final destination and can be confirmed lost or stolen or in “limbo” by postal tracking. All packages are shipped to the exact address that is provided by the customer (you) therefore once the package is delivered by the postal worker the package is considered delivered and fulfilled. Once the package is delivered and confirmed you can no longer claim for the order.

Shipping insurance is single-use and only applies to the order it was purchased with. It cannot be rolled over or used with any future or prior orders. The charge for $1.00 for domestic shipments and $2.00 for international shipments is nonrefundable and non-recurring.

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